Monday, May 16, 2011

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Greetings all!

I have been working downtown for the last few months. While spending time amongst the circus that comprises the people and events downtown I thought that I would capture some of the marvelous things to be had here in the great city of Denver. Thanks to my handy iphone I am able to snap quick pictures of the "goings on". Today while eating at Tokyo Joes on the 16th street mall with Jason we witnessed some crazy shenanigans. Luckily, this will be one of the better examples of things taking place down here in that it is fairly fun and entertaining. Jason and I were seated at a bar like area that sits against a window that faces 16th street, eating our brown rice chicken bowl with California rolls when a hipster guy rolls up on a commuter bike outfitted with HUGE speakers. He parks it just to the side of the restaurant and dismounts.

Meanwhile there were a few other lanky hipster girls standing to the side of a small open space in front of the restaurant, (one of these girls were wearing super short shorts with some butt cheek hanging out, gross)! Suddenly, one of the girls steps out into the open area and starts doing a jazzy little dance (insert eye roll here). Then the bike guy flips on the music bike suddenly we had a flash mob situation. Several other people joined in and began to perform a little number for everyone in the area.

Please note the girl on the far left wearing the cream top and the 
tiny navy shorts, this is butt cheek girl... I really could have done without that part. Anyway, I suppose they call this a flash mob, I have only been exposed to this through "Modern Family" and commercials. It was kind of a fun little deal but still a fine example of crazy crap that happens in d-town.

My next example is on the opposite side of the spectrum in terms of occurrences. Last Wednesday, my birthday (thank you), Jay and I were again at Tokyo Joes (I know we eat there a lot) and we see a fine gentleman standing out in the rain. He was clearly homeless and found some huge plastic bag that he made a poncho from. He stood for a little while arguing with no one into the air while vigorously smoking a cigarette. What I didn't understand is why he insisted in being right out in the heavy rain. There were plenty of places around that he could have sought shelter, yet he choose to sit there and yell things into the air.

I enjoy the dramatic effect that the plastic bag has in this picture while it blows purposefully with the wind. I think I need to emphasize the amount of rain we received that day. Note that the streets are empty, this is peak lunch hour, everyone had found refuge inside, and when people had to venture out they did so with haste. After standing for a few minutes he sat down and pulled the bag over his head (not a good idea) and just sat for a while. He was like that until I turned around as we were about to leave and I noticed that he had simply vanished. 

He kind of looks like a gnome here. I know that I appear to have lost all compassion for people, which is mostly true, but that is a side effect from working down town. After getting harassed everyday while walking down the street by multiple homeless people, including one that has followed me twice and green peace people asking if I care to save the pandas, you end up with zero patience. 

So that about does it. I am going to try to capture other crazy or random things about down town and put it up here. Maybe people will begin to better understand why I hate it. 

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